You could say that Josiah was born with a passion for music in his blood.  Even before his first drum lesson at the age of 3, the passion for music was evident, as he would regularly drum along with concert videos in his family's basement on a drum kit made from paint cans and wipe containers.  As he got older, his musical diversity expanded, as he started playing multiple instruments (guitar, piano, and bass), and started leading worship at his local church at the age of ten.

As he got older, Josiah's musical outreach increased, as he began leading worship at other churches and touring the east coast of the US with a minstry group when he was in high school.  Once he started at college, he knew that he wanted to pursue a minor degree in music to improve his knowlege and skill.

After graduating college, Josiah continued to travel around a bit to local churches and lead worship for their youth groups and Sunday morning services.  In 2014, he began playing other events, and has been playing church block parties, charity events, larger-scale worship events, and restaurants in the central Maryland area.  Email him by clicking here to book him for your event!

2022 was a defining year for Josiah and his music career.  With his debut album, Silence, he finally released original music for the world to hear. Silence is available on all of your favorite streaming platforms!

In addition to the release of Silence, 2021 and 2022 were huge years for Josiah for other reasons, as he was bitten by the "musical theatre bug".  He has performed in several events with the Glyndon Area Players, and made his "big show" debut on the Glyndon Area Players stage, performing as Reuben (and the understudy for Joseph) in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Aside from music and theatre, Josiah's many passions include sports (especially the Baltimore Orioles) and amusement parks (he's ridden almost 300 different roller coasters at this point, and is constantly adding new coasters to his list!)

In his "day job", Josiah is a software engineer/web designer. Check out some of his favorite website design projects on the "Web Design" page of this site!