Josiah has been designing websites for various bands, businesses, and projects since 2008, when he took a web design class while he was in high school and fell in love with coding and web design. While many of the sites that he created have been taken down over time as bands he was in have dissolved, or he has left one company for another, several sites still remain. Those are listed below.

Glyndon Area Players

Josiah is the Vice President and webmaster of the Glyndon Area Players (GAP).

The Happiest Podcast on Earth

If you're a lover of all things Disney and you aren't a listener of The Happiest Podcast on Earth, you're REALLY missing out!

Collinsworthless Project

This is one of the coolest websites Josiah created while in college. While it used technology that is now considered pretty old (and is not compatible with mobile devices), because it was published in 2013 and he doesn't have access to change the code anymore, it was his first single-page web application, and he's still pretty proud of it. It started out as a research paper for college which started when Chris Collinsworth was the announcer for Sunday Night Football. He and his project partner wanted to examine why so many people that they talked to didn't like Collinsworth as an announcer, and came to some pretty interesting conclusions. While this was a group project, he was the designer for the application, his partner wrote the text.

These sites just scratch the surface of the applications and websites that he has created, but these (and the site you're on now) are the only ones that are available to the public at this time!